Pop-Up Conducting Large-Area Biographene Kirigami


We demonstrate the rapid, large-area transformation of bioenabled graphene laminates into multidimensional geometries for pop-up and stretchable applications. Water-vapor annealing facilitates the controlled plasticization of the multilayered silk graphene morphologies, allowing highly localized kirigami cuts by programmable drag knife with diverse type and depth of cuts. By adjusting drag-knife depth, we can generate a micro scale array of full and partial cuts, enabling a purely topological approach toward the control of metastable fold unfold states and crack fracture paths in kirigami structures. Through orthogonal control over the graphene silk composite’s nanoscale morphology, cut pattern, and semimetal-like conductivity, we showcase bioenabled laminates as a platform for prospective soft and shape-transforming electronics as flexible interconnects and stretchable energy harvesters.