Fully Packaged Blue Energy Harvester by Hybridizing a Rolling Triboelectric Nanogenerator and an Electromagnetic Generator


Ocean energy, in theory, is an enormous clean and renewable energy resource that can generate electric power much more than that required to power the entire globe without adding any pollution to the atmosphere. However, owing to a lack of effective technology, such blue energy is almost unexplored to meet the energy requirement of human society. In this work, a fully packaged hybrid nanogenerator consisting of a rolling triboelectric nanogenerator (R-TENG) and an electromagnetic generator (EMG) is developed to harvest water motion energy. The outstanding output performance of the R-TENG (45 cm(3) in volume and 28.3 g in weight) in the low-frequency range (<1.8 Hz) complements the ineffective output of EMG (337 cm(3) in volume and 311.8 g in weight) in the same range and thus enables the hybrid nanogenerator to deliver valuable outputs in a broad range of operation frequencies. Therefore, the hybrid nanogenerator can maximize the energy conversion efficiency and broaden the operating frequency simultaneously. In terms of charging capacitors, this hybrid nanogenerator provides not only high voltage and consistent charging from the TENG component but also fast charging speed from the EMG component. The practical application of the hybrid nanogenerator is also demonstrated to power light-emitting diodes by harvesting energy from stimulated tidal flow. The high robustness of the R-TENG is also validated based on the stable electrical output after continuous rolling motion. Therefore, the hybrid R-TENG and EMG device renders an effective and sustainable approach toward large-scale blue energy harvesting in a broad frequency range.