Triboelectric microplasma powered by mechanical stimuli


Triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs) naturally have the capability of high voltage output to breakdown gas easily. Here we present a concept of triboelectric microplasma by integrating TENGs with the plasma source so that atmospheric-pressure plasma can be powered only by mechanical stimuli. Four classical atmospheric-pressure microplasma sources are successfully demonstrated, including dielectric barrier discharge (DBD), atmospheric-pressure non-equilibrium plasma jets (APNP-J), corona discharge, and microspark discharge. For these types of microplasma, analysis of electric characteristics, optical emission spectra, COMSOL simulation and equivalent circuit model are carried out to explain transient process of different discharge. The triboelectric microplasma has been applied to patterned luminescence and surface treatment successfully as a first-step evaluation as well as to prove the system feasibility. This work offers a promising, facile, portable and safe supplement to traditional plasma sources, and will enrich the diversity of plasma applications based on the reach of existing technologies.